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When to Call 9-1-1

Reasons to call 911

  • Any immediate danger to life, limb, or property.
  • An injury requiring immediate medical attention
  • A fire
  • Any crime in progress
  • A serious traffic accident

When to call other numbers

  • A crime not occurring now
  • Nuisance burning
  • Noise
  • Calls for police and fire information
  • Information on weather conditions, power outages, directions.

Call 911

  • Your neighbor's house is on fire.
  • A violent dog has attacked a person.
  • The neighbors are playing with guns.
  • A driver is dangerously swerving on the road.

Call Non-Emergency Line

  • Your neighbor is burning leaves or backyard debris.
  • A dog is running loose.
  • The neighbors are playing their music too loudly.

When Calling

  • Give all the information.
  • Speak clearly
  • State which emergency service is needed (fire, police, EMS)
  • State your exact address.
  • Stay on the line until your operator tells you to disconnect. Even if you can not speak.
  • Stay calm
  • After dialing, leave the phone hanging or make some sort of noise to let the call taker know there is an emergency.
  • Your address will appear on their screen when calling from a 'land line' (a phone line, hard-wired at a business or residence).

Dialing on a cellular phone

  • If inside the vehicle, pull off to the side of the road.
  • Be aware that cellular calls may not always be routed to the nearest 911 center.
  • Tell the dispatcher your location, since such phones may not have address information.
  • Look for landmarks.
  • Stay on the phone until the call taker tells you to disconnect.


  • Make sure your address is visible on the outside of your house for emergency services to find it.
  • Teach your children about dialing 911.
  • Write your address out in large print and keep it near your phone. Even if you know your address perfectly, children, babysitters, or guests may not.
  • Keep the phone at an easy to reach level for kids, like on a coffee table rather than high on a wall.
  • Remember that cordless phones allow mobility.
  • Keep cellular phones locked while driving as the '9' key can be easily accidentally pressed and ring in false calls.

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